I'm Colin the horse. I live with my pal Conner at Ambury Farm Park. We have a great time with all the folks that visit the park along with our best friend Ranger Janine who makes sure we are both healthy and happy. Come say hello some time. I bet you didn't know horses could write web articles!!

Māngere Kayak Day 2022 a success!
March 15, 2022 Ambury Farm Park | COMMUNITY | Education | EVENTS | Friends of the Farm | Manukau Harbour

We had an awesome turn out of 97 people that we took exploring the Manukau Harbour via kayak…

Make it a Wastewise Christmas this year
December 10, 2021 COMMUNITY | Education | Friends of the Farm | Recycling | WASTEWISE

We help you reduce Christmas waste and recycle as much as you can with some ideas that you may find useful.

Shops & Services in Māngere Bridge
September 23, 2021 COMMUNITY | CONNECTED | Education | Mangere Bridge Village | Services | The Mangere Bridge

Check out our list of shops and services available in Māngere Bridge. Support local!

Recycling Household Items
September 19, 2021 CARING | COMMUNITY | Education | Friends of the Farm | Māngere Bridge Library | Mangere Bridge Village | Recycling | The Mangere Bridge | WASTEWISE

We help you be a tidy Kiwi by listing places close to us in Māngere Bridge where you can take items for recycling, upcycling and repurposing. (updated Sep. 2021)

Caroline and Jane: Everyday Māngere Bridge heroes making a difference.
August 20, 2021 CARING | COMMUNITY | Community Orchard | CONNECTED | Education | Our People | WASTEWISE | Workshops

Caroline and Jane are everyday wastewise heroes.  They find time in their busy lives to make a meaningful contribution to making Māngere Bridge a Wastewise, Caring, Connected Community.

Many Hands Make Light Work – Tree Planting at Ambury Farm
June 20, 2021 Ambury Farm Park | CARING | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | Manukau Harbour

More than 100 locals gathered to volunteer their time & energy to help out at Ambury Regional Park.

Māngere Mountain upgrades under way
June 9, 2021 Mangere Bridge Village

Work has begun on major upgrades and enhancements to the track network at Te Pane o Mataoho/ Te Ara Pueru/ Māngere Mountain. These changes are aimed at preserving historic pā

Moth Plant- What a Pest!
May 16, 2021 Ambury Farm Park | CARING | COMMUNITY | Education | Pest Control | Tararata Stream

Friends of the Farm (FoF) partnered with the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board to run a competition to see who could collect the most Moth Plant pods.

Reducing Plastic – one family at a time
May 14, 2021 COMMUNITY | Education | WASTEWISE | Workshops

Robyn tells us of the wastewise fun that was had at a Friends of the Farm beeswax wrap workshop…