In Tune Clinic
September 21, 2022 Medical |

In Tune Osteopaths and Natural Health Clinic has opened its Māngere Bridge branch in 2018 and had helped the local community and far beyond with healing their injuries, aches and pains or maintaining their bodies healthy.

Our great team of experienced osteopaths, acupuncturists and massage therapists is here to assist you and your family with anything mechanical in your body: back, neck, limbs but also headaches, digestive troubles, posture and much more.

From new borns to elderlies, athletes to office workers, we are ACC providers and treat by appointment only.

Address: 52 Coronation Rd, Māngere Bridge

Contact: 09 6220303

Website: intuneclinic.nz

Hours: Call reception or visit intuneclinic.nz