FoF Community Orchard Working Bee April 2022
August 2, 2022 Ambury Farm Park | CARING | COMMUNITY | Community Orchard | Friends of the Farm | Local Treasure

20 keen gardeners and wannabe gardeners gathered on the last Saturday of April to plant some new fruit trees and tidy up and feed the existing trees and shrubs.  

One group cleared the encroaching Kikuyu grass around the drip lines of the citrus and feijoa trees, while another team shovelled barrows of manure to give each tree a hefty feed of manure. 

On the other side of the orchard huge holes were being dug for an assortment of new fruit trees,  including plum, avocado and walnuts.  Water and manure were added to provide moisture and food for the new trees before they were gently lowered into the ground and then staked to protect them from the wind.  They are nestled in amongst native trees.  We plan to extend this side of the orchard with a food forest, for people and birds and the bees.

A food forest is where plants use the other plants to grow and be sheltered, where there are canopy trees and under-story plants, like a forest garden.

The working bee finished with a welcome hot drink and home baking.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their time and energy, and thanks to Ranger Janine for organizing the event, especially the delivery of the manure and mulch and sourcing and buying the new trees.

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