Neighbourhood Support & Community Cam

Neighbourhood Support & Community Cam

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Get to know your neighbours!

Neighbourhood Support is a nationwide community-led movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient and connected communities.

Māngere Bridge Local Coordinator Michelle says, “We learnt from the lockdowns last year that knowing how to contact your neighbours improves neighbourhood safety and makes it more welcoming.

“It’s helpful to know if there are elderly or vulnerable people living nearby and even more useful to know who has a generator or firstaid training if there is a natural disaster.”

Michelle is happy to meet with anyone who wants their street included in the network, and she will help them get started.

Neighbourhood Support is run ‘by the people for the people’ to suit local needs. There are no meetings, minutes or formal structure. For more info, email Michelle , visit:, or call Michelle on 021 442441.

Community Cam

Another voluntary, not-for-profit, community- led initiative is Community Cam. People register a property with CCTV, and upload CCTV footage, to help solve crime in their neighbourhood.

When a crime is committed, the Police can refer to Community Cam to quickly identify registered users in and around the scene of the crime.

Your privacy is protected and your details are confidential and secure. Community Cam just lets the police know who owns a CCTV system, which saves valuable time door-knocking.

Registering means you can do your bit to make your neighbourhood safer. Register your cameras on:

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