Spring planting tips from Whenua Warrior

Spring planting tips from Whenua Warrior

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Kelly from Whenua Warrior says, “It’s time to prepare your garden beds for spring planting!”

Spring is a major planting season in Aotearoa, and plants grow best in a well prepared garden bed. So dig out those weeds, dig over the ground and add hay, compost and manure to enrich the soil.

Now is also a great time to install supports and climbing frames for beans and tomatoes.

Once you’ve decided on the plants you want, it’s time to work out exactly when to plant them.

Take your cue from the kōwhai

A good sign for urban home gardeners is to watch the kōwhai trees. When the blossom starts to fall from the trees, that’s your signal to plant. Back in the day this was when our ancestors would plant their kūmara.

Don’t know where to find a kōwhai? You’ll see some awesome kōwhai trees on the grass verge in Ashcroft Avenue, Māngere Bridge. Keep an eye on them!

Happy planting!

About Whenua Warrior

Whenua Warrior was founded in 2017 by local Kelly Francis.

While working at her corporate job, Kelly realised that our food systems needed to change in order to address food insecurity and promote food sovereignty in Aotearoa.

Soon after, she made it her mission to grow an edible garden accessible to every New Zealander. In doing so, Kelly dreamt that she could help feed the community, teach the community to feed themselves, and empower them to feed each other.

With the support of friends who shared her vision, Kelly established the Whenua Warrior Charitable Trust in early 2018.

Since then, Whenua Warrior has worked on hundreds of projects across Aotearoa.

See their mahi and learn more at www.whenuawarrior.co.nz

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