Kiwi Esplanade Mangrove Update from Friends of the Farm

Kiwi Esplanade Mangrove Update from Friends of the Farm


Kia ora koutou

We sent out an update on mangrove management on Kiwi Esplanade last month.
We’ve received feedback and queries from locals.

It is important to remember that Māngere Bridge has a history of managing the
mangroves in our area. The Residents and Ratepayers Association did it before
Friends of the Farm (FOF) arrived on the local scene 11 years ago.

The reasons for mangrove seedling removal haven’t changed over the years. The
main reason is to keep the lava flows and mudflats clear of mangroves for wading
birds as our area is an important seabird and wading bird habitat – providing refuge for godwits, oyster catchers, spoonbills, kingfishers and herons. Allowing
mangroves to grow on the mudflats pushes the seabird’s feeding areas further away.

Aerial photos show us there used to be white sandy beaches around our coastline in the 1960’s.

There are many values associated around mangroves, for instance mangroves can
act as a carbon bank improving water quality water for the area, and holding
contaminants in the sediment, as well as helping to stop erosion in some areas.
They can also be areas for fish spawning.

However if left unchecked they can remove access to the harbour for recreational
purposes and kai, and remove the habitat wading birds need. Our coastline has
been identified by Auckland Council as a significant wading bird area. The wading
birds need a clear visual field to keep them safe from predators, and they need rocks to roost on.

Mangroves are a response to human activity such as developments, and agricultural run off, all of which add sediment to the harbour. 

Under the unitary plan, Ambury & the Kiwi Esplanade are identified as significant ecological areas, therefore mangrove pulling is a permitted activity. FOF has
consulted with the community and Auckland Council. Recent community
communication has included a letter drop to Kiwi Esplanade residents and adjacent streets and consultation with the Residents and Ratepayer group and Manukau Harbour Forum.

FOF are hosting two Mangrove seedling removal events on the 4th May 2024 and 19th May 2024 from 1-3pm. Other community members have been doing seedling removal
work independently over autumn.

Auckland Council have specific criteria for mangrove removal , including that
mangrove seedling removal may only be by hand or using handtools, only seedlings under 60cm may be removed, removed vegetation must be disposed of outside the coastal marine area, and removal must be done at times to avoid bird roosting and nesting seasons.

The FOF events comply with these criteria.

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