Māngere Bridge Village Update
September 18, 2022 Business in Māngere Bridge | COMMUNITY | Mangere Bridge Village | Naomi and Bill Kirk Park, Māngere Bridge | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022 | The Māngere Bridge

New park benches, a permanently installed ‘Whale Tail’ sculpture, and a CCTV upgrade are three of the latest projects completed in the Māngere Bridge Village.

Each of the projects was organised by the Māngere Bridge Progressive Business Association (MBPBA) – and there’s more to come.

Bridging past and present

“We are currently working on installing a piece of the old Māngere Bridge on a plinth in Bill and Naomi Kirk Park, which will include a plaque describing the history of the bridge,” says Kate Adams, Village Manager for the MBPBA.

“Another project underway is the creation of an art-and-history trail from the new bridge to the village to join up with Māngere Mountain, to bring visitors along and into the village”, she says.

More details are available on the Māngere Bridge Village Facebook page or MBPBA’s website: mangerebridgevillage.co.nz.