Experiencing Marine Reserves

(EMR) is a national programme of experiential learning about marine conservation. Our EMR – Te Kura Moana programme empowers schools and communities by providing hands-on experience in the ocean.

Since 2001, EMR has taken 73,180 people into NZ’s marine reserves/rahui and over 27,291 people have been engaged in EMR organised marine conservation events. A total of 147,905 people have snorkelled with EMR. The total number of Kiwis engaged in EMR has now reached 207,494 .

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Delivered by an EMR coordinator the programme is designed to set the kids abuzz before progressing to developing their snorkelling skills in a pool then heading to the real marine environment. We increase awareness and encourage action and support for marine conservation and kaitiakitanga.

The EMR brand is unique; we have an active focus on community engagement and marine conservation. We are committed to delivering safe snorkel excursions and we are adventure activity safety audit certified (AAO 534). The national expansion of EMR is based on a non-profit franchise concept.

Our full EMR programme involves a succession of experiences promoting kaitiakitanga from investigating marine biodiversity and the local marine environment before venturing to a marine protected area. After this experience, students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are encouraged to put their knowledge into action within the community!

We create awesome real life marine experiences, not just for kids but adults too. Engagement of adults as supervisors is a natural by-product and in-water experiences and activities often prove as powerful to the adults involved as the students, these shape caring attitudes and emotional connections. We have a range of funded programmes and ‘casual’ user pays opportunities, these are our Te Kura Moana snorkel experiences. EMR reinforces simple concepts such as the uniqueness of our marine biodiversity and provides an active focus on conservation of these environments through education and action.

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