Colgate Products Only Please! 

Colgate Products Only Please! 

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Locals know that on the left hand side of the Library entrance door is a 3 drawer cabinet – the first drawer contains Tote Recall bags for anyone to use, and the second and third drawers are for empty  Colgate oral hygiene products.  Friends of the Farm (FOF) send these products back to Colgate to be recycled.  We are amazed by the volume of these products and the continued commitment of our community to recycling. 

BUT, please put only COLGATE products in these two drawers.  We’d love to accept all products from all companies, but free recycling options for other companies products are not yet available .  Unfortunately FOF can’t afford $300 every two months to have these other products recycled.   

Here are some practical suggestions for you to action.

  • buy only COLGATE products ( after all they provide free recycling  🙂
  • write /email the manufacturer of your favorite non Colgate products and ask them how and where  you can recycle their empty tubes and containers  ( consumer pressure is a powerful motivator   : ) 
  • buy only dental and oral hygiene products that have a clear recycle option, eg bamboo toothbrushes can go in your compost heap plus you can buy dental floss in a recyclable glass jar- check out the do-gooders website
  • lastly no flossing wands and picks, electric toothbrush heads, old electric toothbrushes- they cannot be recycled at this time.

Thanks so much for your cooperation and continued commitment to recycling.  We’re doing our best to save the planet, one toothpaste tube and toothbrush at a time! 

Click here for the Colgate Oral Care Waste InfoGraph (PDF)

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