A Lovely Autumn Day for Tree Planting

A Lovely Autumn Day for Tree Planting

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Sunshine. outdoors, working bee,  tree planting , sausage sizzle…..

It was a sunny mid-May Sunday when around 100 people young and old gathered at Ambury Regional Park to do some planting in the salt marsh foreshore meadow.

A little mud just adds to the fun.

Ranger Dani gave a safety briefing then demonstrated the best way to plant to ensure the new plants thrived.   A variety of flaxes, shrubs and trees flax, cabbage tree, carex virgata, umbrella sedge and salt marsh ribbonwood) were planted.  This was the first of 5 planting days organized by Auckland Council. 

After a brief briefing, vollies picked their patch, dug the dirt, released the roots, placed the plant, compressed the crop and validated the void. This was repeated two thousand, two hundred and seven times over.

One volunteer recalled planting trees 12 months ago in an adjacent area and was thrilled to see how the new planting had flourished.  “It really is satisfying to see the difference this planting makes” she said. “I feel proud and inspired to do more when I see how much better this area looks as the trees grow”.  

The volunteers planted just beyond 2022’s planting, alongside the popular camping ground.

Approximately 2200 plants were planted over the three hour working bee.

After the planting local wastewise group Friends of the Farm provided a sausage sizzle to thank the volunteers for their time and efforts.  They also reminded people about the new Food Scraps collection being rolled out throughout Auckland. 

The new Food Scraps bins were on display and people were interested to find out more. Click here to visit our dedicated page to find out all about the new Food Scraps collection program.

Friend of the Farm Caroline helped acquaint our volunteers with how the Food Scraps collection will work when introduced to Māngere Bridge later in 2023.

The next tree planting working bees are on 21st and 27th May, 11th and 18th June .  Click here to visit our Event Calendar to find out more about tree planting at Ambury Regional Park.

The planting of 2022 is doing very well – lots of sun and lots of precipitation saw to that. And Ranger Maddie’s TLC of course :o)

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