I'm Colin the horse. I live with my pal Conner at Ambury Farm Park. We have a great time with all the hoomans that visit the park along with our best friend Ranger Janine who makes sure we are both healthy and happy. Come say hello some time.

You might be thinking "A horse can't write web articles!!" - you're right, that's preposterous. I simply manage, moderate, edit and publish content as it comes in from those friendly FoFfy folk. And to think I once thought HTML meant Hay Tickles My Leg...

That's nothing on Conner who's been taking astrophysics course in the hope of being the first Clydesdale into space.

Rachel: Everyday Māngere Bridge hero making a difference.
February 20, 2021 CARING | COMMUNITY | CONNECTED | Our People | WASTEWISE

Finding creative ways to care for our environment, Rachel and her family walk their talk.

Newsletter Issue 1 – Nov 2020
November 30, 2020 NEWSLETTERS

Welcome to the first edition of It’s all about Māngere Bridge, brought to you by Friends of the Farm.

Community & Watercare
November 13, 2020 Central Interceptor | COMMUNITY | CONNECTED | Manukau Harbour | Newsletter Issue 1 - Nov 2020 | Pest Control | Watercare | Watercare Community Liaison Group

The Watercare Community Liaison Group now meets quarterly as a requirement of the company’s resource consent. Here are some recent updates.

Welcome leadership from FreshChoice
November 11, 2020 Mangere Bridge Village | Newsletter Issue 1 - Nov 2020 | Our People

We meet Shane and Marcella who are leading the great team at our local Supermarket.

Tararata Stream
November 10, 2020 CARING | COMMUNITY | Manukau Harbour | Newsletter Issue 1 - Nov 2020 | Tararata Stream | WASTEWISE

Did you know that, as Mangere Bridge locals, we live very close to a fish that’s rarer than a kiwi?

Our People – Emily Muli
November 10, 2020 Newsletter Issue 1 - Nov 2020 | NEWSLETTERS | Our People

Meet Emily Muli, a talented entertainer who grew up in Māngere Bridge and attended Waterlea Primary…

Living Local #1 – our first
November 5, 2020 Ambury Regional Park | Workshops

On a warm spring evening 42 Māngere Bridge residents gathered keen to learn more about their community.

Robyn’s Waste Journey
October 26, 2020 CARING | Friends of the Farm | Our People | Recycling | WASTEWISE

Our regular contributor and Friend of the Farm Robyn shares her wastewise story.