Housing intensification raises concerns
May 12, 2021 No Comments CARING | Local Viewpoint | Mangere Bridge Village | Newsletter Issue 2 - May 2021 Colin

Increasing housing density is needed to meet Auckland’s housing shortage. In Māngere Bridge various housing developments are underway or planned.

But some locals are worried about road safety, the pressure on tiring infrastructure, and impacts on the greater Māngere Bridge community. Will we be able to retain our village feel?

On some sections in our neighbourhood, where there was once a single dwelling, six to eight units have sprung up, or soon will. This means two cars could increase to 16 or more, with drivers vying for parking on the streets.

A minimum of 62 new dwellings will be built on Taylor Road in the coming year.

On just 4,000m2, 31 units will be built, with on-site parking for one vehicle per dwelling.

Additional cars and visitor parking will create considerable vehicle overflow onto Taylor Road and dangers for local pedestrians, especially school children and elderly residents.

At the corner of Taylor and Coronation Roads, 22 new apartments will be built, some with no allocated parking. This development will put pressure on street parking, with detrimental effects on Māngere Bridge School, which has no staff car park.

A large number of rubbish and recycle bins clogging footpaths is another concern, as is an increase in noise levels.

It’s unclear what, if any, planning is underway for increased parking requirements in the village and who will decide.

Taylor Road residents affected by these developments and other locals have banded together to express their concerns.

They feel Auckland Council and the developers have not adequately engaged with the community, especially affected neighbours, or considered the need to create an environment that existing and new residents will be proud to live in.

If you are concerned, contact the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board or Auckland Council directly.

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