I'm Colin the horse. I live with my pal Conner at Ambury Farm Park. We have a great time with all the hoomans that visit the park along with our best friend Ranger Janine who makes sure we are both healthy and happy. Come say hello some time.

You might be thinking "A horse can't write web articles!!" - you're right, that's preposterous. I simply manage, moderate, edit and publish content as it comes in from those friendly FoFfy folk. And to think I once thought HTML meant Hay Tickles My Leg...

That's nothing on Conner who's been taking astrophysics course in the hope of being the first Clydesdale into space.

Māngere Pony Club Show Cross Event
October 22, 2022 EVENTS | Friends of the Farm | WASTEWISE

Riders from all over the Auckland region converged on the club with floats, horses and supporters for a big day out – all wonderfully Wastewise.

World Clean Up Day 2022 at Māngere Bridge
September 22, 2022 CARING | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | Friends of the Farm | Manukau Harbour | The Māngere Bridge | WASTEWISE

World Clean Up Day was celebrated in Māngere Bridge with a “pop up clean up” organised by Friends of the Farm

Newsletter Issue 4 – September 2022
September 19, 2022 NEWSLETTERS

Welcome to the fourth issue of our Friends of the Farm community newsletter.

Māngere Bridge: a sanctuary for shorebirds
September 18, 2022 Ambury Regional Park | Local Treasures | Manukau Harbour | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022

Māngere Bridge is located on the shores of the aptly named Manukau Harbour. In te reo Māori, ‘Manukau’ translates to ‘settling birds’. With its shallow tidal flats, the harbour is

Our People – Maioha Walker
September 18, 2022 Friends of the Farm | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022 | Our People | Tararata Stream

Kia ora, I’m Maioha. I’m a local resident and student volunteer for the Māngere Te Ara-rata Stream Team. My dad, Clint, also volunteers and serves on the Stream Team committee.

Spring planting tips from Whenua Warrior
September 18, 2022 CARING | Local Treasures | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022 | Our People

Kelly from Whenua Warrior says, “It’s time to prepare your garden beds for spring planting!”

Recycling Right – an update
September 18, 2022 CARING | Friends of the Farm | Māngere Bridge Library | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022 | Recycling | WASTEWISE

Friends of the Farm has recently upgraded the recycling station at Māngere Bridge Library.

Māngere Bridge Village Update
September 18, 2022 Business in Māngere Bridge | COMMUNITY | Mangere Bridge Village | Naomi and Bill Kirk Park, Māngere Bridge | Newsletter Issue 4 – Sep 2022 | The Māngere Bridge

New park benches, a permanently installed ‘Whale Tail’ sculpture, and a CCTV upgrade are three of the latest projects completed in the Māngere Bridge Village

Our People – Garry “Hawkeye” Hawks
July 24, 2022 Bridge Park Bowling Club | COMMUNITY | Our People

If you have enjoyed Bridge Park Bowling Club in the past 8 years, chances are you have met Garry “Hawkeye” Hawks