I'm Colin the horse. I live with my pal Conner at Ambury Farm Park. We have a great time with all the hoomans that visit the park along with our best friend Ranger Janine who makes sure we are both healthy and happy. Come say hello some time.

You might be thinking "A horse can't write web articles!!" - you're right, that's preposterous. I simply manage, moderate, edit and publish content as it comes in from those friendly FoFfy folk. And to think I once thought HTML meant Hay Tickles My Leg...

That's nothing on Conner who's been taking astrophysics course in the hope of being the first Clydesdale into space.

Māngere Kayak Day 2022 a success!
March 15, 2022 Ambury Regional Park | COMMUNITY | Education | EVENTS | Friends of the Farm | Manukau Harbour

We had an awesome turn out of 97 people that we took exploring the Manukau Harbour via kayak…

Manukau Report Summary: Māngere Bridge
October 31, 2021 CARING | Friends of the Farm | Manukau Harbour | Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021

For the first time, all the State of the Environment monitoring programmes in the Manukau Harbour and its catchment have been brought together in one Auckland Council report.

Carol from Kindy- retiring after 29 years
October 30, 2021 COMMUNITY | Education | Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021 | Our People

After 29 years at Māngere Bridge Kindergarten, we asked Carol to reflect on her journey…

Te Puea Memorial Marae
October 30, 2021 COMMUNITY | Local Treasures | Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021

Chair Hurimoana Nui Dennis gives us a brief history of this Local Treasure

Our local CAB: here to help
October 30, 2021 CARING | COMMUNITY | Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021 | Services

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offers free, friendly, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone.

October 30, 2021 Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021

We help you be a tidy Kiwi by listing places close to us in Māngere Bridge where you can take items for recycling, upcycling and repurposing.

Neighbourhood Support & Community Cam
October 30, 2021 CARING | COMMUNITY | CONNECTED | Newsletter Issue 3 - Oct 2021 | Services

Tips on bringing neighbourhoods closer and keeping our community safer via Neighbourhood Support & Community Cam…

Newsletter Issue 3 – October 2021
October 8, 2021 NEWSLETTERS

Welcome to the third issue of our Friends of the Farm community newsletter.

Shops & Services in Māngere Bridge
September 23, 2021 COMMUNITY | CONNECTED | Education | Mangere Bridge Village | Services | The Māngere Bridge

Check out our list of shops and services available in Māngere Bridge. Support local!

Many Hands Make Light Work – Tree Planting at Ambury Farm
June 20, 2021 Ambury Regional Park | CARING | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | Manukau Harbour

More than 100 locals gathered to volunteer their time & energy to help out at Ambury Regional Park.