Reducing Plastic – one family at a time
May 14, 2021 COMMUNITY | Education | WASTEWISE | Workshops

by Robyn B

I was helping out at the Friends of the Farm (FoF) beeswax wrap workshop on Saturday 8 May 2021 when I was approached by a family who were fascinated by what we were doing. This workshop was part of another event that FoF was running and this group of passionate community volunteers never misses an opportunity to have fun while passing on wastewise and thrifty household practices.

I explained to the interested family that instead of wrapping food items for school lunches in gladwrap my daughter uses a beeswax wrap. The children bring home the wraps each day so they can be wiped clean and reused. In my house I use beeswax wraps to cover food in the fridge and also wrap my block of cheese in one. I showed the family how to mould the beeswax wrap over a bowl using the warmth of your hands to seal it.

Then we made a wrap together. I showed them the block of wax we grated then melted on a piece of fabric using a hot iron.

It felt really rewarding to see how open, engaged and interested the family were and very happy to take their beeswax wrap home with them. The workshop catered for more than 25 people and everyone went home with this clever household wastewise resource.

Taking time to work with families one-one also allows us to share other household wastewise tips and encourage their involvement in other community activities as part of FoF’s caring, connected, wastewise vision for Māngere Bridge.

Wastewise with Friends of the Farm

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