Welcome leadership from FreshChoice
November 11, 2020 No Comments Mangere Bridge Village | Newsletter Issue 1 - Nov 2020 | Our People Colin

(this is an article from our Newsletter dated November 2020 – click here for the full newsletter)

Shane and Marcella bought Māngere Bridge FreshChoice over two years ago.

They leapt at the opportunity to buy our local supermarket, appreciating our neighbourhood’s beautiful setting, village feel, and community spirit.

In preparation for becoming a first-time supermarket owner, Shane volunteered for a year at Waimauku’s FreshChoice, where he trained in every department.

He and Marcella are customer-driven. You’ll often see Shane working on the supermarket floor, and he’s on a first-name basis with many customers.

The couple go to great lengths to ensure our FreshChoice is clean, has stacked shelves and is staffed by locals as well as familiar faces hired by the previous owners.

They also welcome customer suggestions – including ideas for new products.

During Covid-19, many residents appreciated the care Shane and Marcella put in to keeping everyone safe.

Their first priority was the health and wellbeing of their staff. They installed screens at the check-out counters and prepped staff with PPE gear, sourcing supplies from anywhere they could.

They quickly recruited locals Sala and his team as security to ensure the right number of shoppers in the store at any time, as well as maintaining hygiene requirements. (How could you not feel safe with Sala on the job!)

Shane and Marcella’s footing in our community was further solidified when serious concerns were raised about removing the main entry to the carpark beside FreshChoice.

Shane said he was ready to put a fork hoist in the way to halt the closure of the entrance.

Our village came out in force to support – ringing and writing to Auckland Transport to advocate keeping both entrances open.

The result? A fantastic win for our community and a true example of what people can do when we all come together.

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Welcome leadership from FreshChoice

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