Newsletter Issue 2 – May 2021
May 10, 2021 No Comments Newsletter Issue 2 - May 2021 | NEWSLETTERS Colin

Welcome to our second issue of It’s All About Mangere Bridge, our Friends of the Farm community newsletter.

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Below you will find a list of our online versions of the articles from this issue. Enjoy!

Newsletter Issue 2 (May 2021) Article List

St James Church: Celebrating Life & Death

Māngere Bridge is a community with a story. A special chapter is the story of St James church.

Housing intensification raises concerns

In Māngere Bridge various housing developments are underway or planned. Will we be able to retain our village feel?

Our People – Sapati Apa-Fepulea’i

We meet Sapati Apa-Fepulea’i, a singer and music/ song writer who grew up in Māngere Bridge.

See a new side of your mountain

The Māngere Mountain Education Centre sits within beautiful gardens on the side of Te Pane ō Mataoho on Coronation Road.

Newsletter Issue 2 – May 2021

Welcome to the second issue of our Friends of the Farm community newsletter.

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